With over 20 years in the business Jay and his crew have been Servicing Residential and Commercial properties in the Rhode Island area.. Maintain Your Home LLC has the experience and equipment to get the job done right on time and on budget.

Benefits of Home Maintenance

When I come to your home to work whether it be to power wash, paint, or anything else: I inspect your house and catch the very minor problems. I may for example find a piece of siding lose or unlocked that just needs a few minutes of TLC to be right again, or a gutter that looks ok from the ground, but is actually ready to fall off the house and just needs a couple of screws and gutter brackets. I do not fix anything without asking you first. I’m not one of those companies that is going to come to your house for a simple gutter cleaning and hand you an inflated bill. My landscaper did that to me and I fired him. I’m here to save you money and maintain your home avoiding the major costly repairs.

With my 20 years of roofing and siding background. I worked for my father’s roofing company since I was old enough to hold a razor knife. Then I started cleaning gutters and power washing the last 12 years. I have the amount of experience needed for you to rest assure that your home is in good hands. Have fun checking out my website these are some jobs I did last summer. You’ll see by looking at the before and after pictures exactly what I can do for you. My work does not vary from house to house perfect is perfect or I’m not done.

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No Mess, Clean Up Promise

• Most will allow all the debris from your gutters and roof to fall below... Not Us

• Every Cleaning is assisted by one of our buckets.. So from the gutter to our truck keeping your yard nice and clean

• All discarded material is removed by our team so you don't have to worry

• Recovering all Debris during the job not only makes the job faster and more efficient but make your siding, shingles and landscaping stay pristene...and SAFE

Customers Testimonials

"We Recommend the guys from maintain my home, They did an amazing job on our moss ridden roof... Thanks so much guys

-jayson byron

Our shed came out fantastic, After years of weather and abuse these guys were able to bring it back to life.... Fantastic

-Tiffany Webb

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