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Benefits of Home Maintenance

Cleaning Your Gutters...

When we clean your gutters all the debris goes from the gutters to a 5 gallon bucket that hangs from a pot hook then straight to the back of my truck. Nothing ever gets thrown on your lawn. That’s how we do it!
Neat –n- clean
Every time
As the picture above shows

Gutter Guards for your home...

•We use three different types of gutter guards. Two are plastic or vinyl material which slides under the first layer of shingles and clicks/locks into the front of your gutter.
This gutter guard also has a screen on it. This is good for pine needles. If you blow up the picture you will see. The other is a metal guard this product does not slide under the first layer of shingles but does self- lock onto the front of your gutter, then gets screwed into the gutter with 2 screws Good for high wind areas and is also very effective.
Then last but not least there is the solid gutter cover that is set up and works like the big brand (G-Helmet). Except no way near the cost.
I warranty all my workmanship for a year to assure you that everything was done properly. I’m a reasonable guy if we run just little over a year not a problem.
I’ll still back up my work. So far I have a perfect record. No one has ever called me back to fix something I already fixed.

Customers Testimonials

"We Recommend the guys from maintain my home, They did an amazing job on our moss ridden roof... Thanks so much guys

-jayson byron

Our shed came out fantastic, After years of weather and abuse these guys were able to bring it back to life.... Fantastic

-Tiffany Webb

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