Gutter Guard

When a home gets covered with dirt, mold, mildew, algae or other unwanted substances, it is time to protect your investment by pressure washing the exterior of your home. Pressure washing is a necessary upkeep if you want to help maintain or perhaps even increase the value of your home. Additionally, keeping the outside of your home clean will help or even extend the full life out of the vinyl siding, wood or other exterior products that are used on your home.

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Gutter Guard Tips

When should I hire a power washing company? When the surface becomes dark, Off color and/or covered with moss...
How Long Does is take to power wash? Depending on the size of your project.
The wood on my deck is dark grey, Is it runined? NO, over time pressure treated lumber changes color.

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Gutter Guard & Maintenace

information about your Gutters

We use three different types of gutter guards. Two are plastic or vinyl material which slides under the first layer of shingles and clicks/locks into the front of your gutter. This gutter guard also has a screen on it. This is good for pine needles. If you blow up the picture you will see. The other is a metal guard this product does not slide under the first layer of shingles but does self- lock onto the front of your gutter, then gets screwed into the gutter with 2 screws Good for high wind areas and is also very effective. Then last but not least there is the solid gutter cover that is set up and works like the big brand (G-Helmet).


Except no way near the cost. I warranty all my workmanship for a year to assure you that everything was done properly. I’m a reasonable guy if we run just little over a year not a problem. I’ll still back up my work. So far I have a perfect record. No one has ever called me back to fix something I already fixed.

Facts before you get started with any home service company

Get is done right the first time
Make sure your money is used properly
Hire a Small Business
Small busiess account for 70% of the national businesses. They bring money to your community and help families.
Get a detailed estimate
Have your contractor give you a detailed quote outlinning everything that will be completed

These Simple tips can go a long way. Maintin Your Home LLC hopes to hear from you soon.