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Benefits of Home Maintenance

The Little Extra goes a long way:

When painting we always go a little overboard with the drop cloths, you can never be too cautious.

We try our absolute hardest not to let one single drip hit the floor and if one gets by us for some reason we always have a clean rag on us to get it up immediately. We have all the proper equipment to get the job done right.

No Mess, Clean Up Promise

• Most will allow all the debris from your gutters and roof to fall below... Not Us

• Every Cleaning is assisted by one of our buckets.. So from the gutter to our truck keeping your yard nice and clean

• All discarded material is removed by our team so you don't have to worry

• Recovering all Debris during the job not only makes the job faster and more efficient but make your siding, shingles and landscaping stay pristene...and SAFE

Customers Testimonials

"We Recommend the guys from maintain my home, They did an amazing job on our moss ridden roof... Thanks so much guys

-jayson byron

Our shed came out fantastic, After years of weather and abuse these guys were able to bring it back to life.... Fantastic

-Tiffany Webb

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