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From TIme to time a customer will change their mind about a particular project, Or perhaps something just comes up that causes a project to be cancelled or paused. In the event that this happens, here is how that is handled:

Refunds after the 3rd day of a project start J.Church Graphic designs will NOT grant a refund

Projects cancelled within 3 days of the original start date of a project will be billed at the hourly rate for the time and effort that went into the orginal design, preperation, domain and hosting fee's etc. the itemized list will be mailed along with a check to the customers billing address within 30 days of the written document stating cancellation and/or completion of form 20120C THE HOURLY RATE WILL BE OUTLINED ON YOUR ORIGINAL DOCUMENTATION FILLED OUT PRIOR TO PROJECT START


No refunds on a project that has already been shot.


No Rufunds On logos that have been started on, or on Logos that have already been digitally released on any form of media, Email or electronic communication.


Any samples of logos reproduced during the creation process are subject to copyright.

Further questions regarding refunds please refer to your original documentation provided prior to project completion.

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